Sound / Chamber / Games

Video performance in cooperation with the musician Denis Stilke, 16 min.

Klang / Kammer / Spiele ( Sound / Chamber / Games ) is a composition for percussion solo by Denis Stilke. It reflects the historical upheaval – the end of the GDR in Germany in 1989. Betina Kuntzsch translated the rhythms into video drawings that were projected onto the musician.

Video performance


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For the composer, who was born in East Germany, new worlds and playing possibilities opened up at that time, as the Wall fell in autumn 89′ at the same time as he began his studies in Berlin.

The impressions of this eventful time are processed in the work Klang/Kammer /Spiele. Through compositional means such as emptiness and density / quiet and loud / delicate and brittle, associations are evoked, especially of the so-called “wall woodpeckers” who tirelessly tapped the old wall, heralding a new era and creating a whimsical soundscape.

Likewise, the old certainties crumbled and for a short span a space of incredible possibilities and freedom emerged — a playing field.

In collaboration with video artist Bettina Kuntzsch, an original image-sound landscape is created that builds a bridge from the past to the present.

The short suite for percussion solo (duration: approx.16 min) was recorded at the galerie bild plus, where the premiere also took place.

Video stills


A project by
Denis Stilke (drums, comp.)
Betina Kuntzsch (video)
Silvio Naumann (sound)

special thanks to Eva Fiedrowicz
( galerie bild plus )

This project was supported by the Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung
and the Senate for Culture and Europe/Berlin, 2021

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