KOPF FAUST FAHNE beim Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival in Kiew




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A legendary bear hunter who became a congressman; an unmourned victim of a dictatorial regime; a phantom wandering through their memories and the attractions of a winter fair. These are all “ghosts” that receive subjectivity in this section’s films. They are joined by works about annoying ghosts of the past, including a gigantic monument to a communist, the demolition of which was not financed on time, and portraits of privileged Thai people, disturbing old traumas of social inequality. The programme concludes with exquisite cinematic “ghosts” created in the darkroom by director Peter Tscherkassky who reprinted footage from world cinema onto aged black-and-white celluloid and assembled them into a catastrophic picture of unceasing progress.


Dear friends,

For the past 8 years, LINOLEUM has tried to build and develop the animation industry in Ukraine, showcasing the world’s best animation and gathering foreign and Ukrainian professionals in Kyiv.
In these horrific times, we believe that culture can still serve as a minor distraction and therapy for those in need. Also, we believe that stopping is a wrong decision. We are still actively seeking funding. But as we can’t put off preparing any longer, we need your financial support to make LINOLEUM happen one more time.

In 2022 the festival’s concept remains the same, but disclosed in the context of modern trends in animation. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long the war will last in our country, so all the screenings and educational programs will be held online on MEGOGO just like they were in 2020. If there is a chance to screen some of the programs offline at cinemas, we’ll take that chance immediately. Also, we are under negotiation with European animation festivals about presenting our national program abroad. But especially, this year we want to thank those countries that help Ukrainians in wartime and share their homes with us.