Exhibition at Kunsthalle Bahnitz until 28.08.2022

“That a playground is a playground must first be proved.”
Brigitte Fuchs

Participation in culture and the arts was severely restricted by the measures against the Corona pandemic, and art and cultural workers were classified as socially irrelevant. Many artists work under fragile existential conditions. With great perseverance and resilience, they have sought and continue to seek creative and new ways to engage further, raise questions
and find answers to radical social challenges and upheavals. To dare to design futures on current issues and to question the fixed, assumed or entrenched “irrevocables” of life and perception. When new paths cannot be found easily, a playful, searching approach to reality in art can be a way to find new perspectives and spaces for action. The form of playful creativity and aesthetic play enables action freed from
constraints – like a game without limits – to enter and test unknown terrain. Rule violations and modifications of the rule system make it possible to create new and own realities or to develop new approaches to solutions. Artists can be seen as game changers, paradigm shifters, in our society. They question the norms and rules of society with their art, negotiate and/or redefine them differently or anew.

In every game, the unexpected is created through finding, trying, discarding and keeping. The title “ausgespielt.” refers to the fact that every game is limited in time and space, that it is time to break new ground.
The exhibition shows works by 13 artists and a collective, mainly from Berlin and Brandenburg, who use the mechanisms of the game in their artistic work. They work with different media and materials. In many cases, the viewers are included dialogically in the works. The artists play with expectations and break ideas in this way.

Bodo Rau, Curator