“Video drawing” as a working thesis. Betina Kuntzsch explores the drawing qualities of the medium of video. The processual nature of drawing, the emergence, overlapping and passing of lines, surfaces, hatchings.

The latest media developments (e.g. computer animation) on the one hand and historical materials (e.g. decaying photographs or films) on the other.

Animations are created that are shown on a screen as well as printouts of still images.

Signals. A drawing field

Video-Drawing, animation, 30 min. Loop

Zeichen Raum

Video-Drawing, Animation, 30 min. Loop


Video-Drawing, Animation, 2:30 min. Loop

Per Minute

Video-Drawing, Animation, 30 min. Loop

Loïe Fuller – The Electric Sprite

Short film Animadok, 16 min., 2022

Stadtstranden- Urban Beaches

Urban Morphologies
Series of 14 video-drawings, 2021
C-Prints 40 x 60 cm

Urban Morphologies

Conzert installation, 2021
Composition: Katharina Rosenberger
Video: Betina Kuntzsch

Flower Study

Video-drawing, animation, 9 min. Loop

Sound / Chamber / Games

Video performance in cooperation with the musician Denis Stilke, 16 min.

Per Minute

Video-Drawing, Animation, 30 min. Loop