As an artist, Betina Kuntzsch explores the phenomenon of movement and the processual character of lines; as a multi-award-winning filmmaker, she focuses on the stories of historical figures. Kuntzsch transposes their work – often that of outsiders – into the present day using her own visual language.

Signals. A drawing field

Video-Drawing, animation, 30 min. Loop

Zeichen Raum

Video-Drawing, Animation, 30 min. Loop


Video-Drawing, Animation, 2:30 min. Loop

Per Minute

Video-Drawing, Animation, 30 min. Loop

Loïe Fuller – The Electric Sprite

Short film Animadok, 16 min., 2022

Thinking from the pedestal

Five plinth benches made of red concrete, 10 short films, perspectives on the Thälmann Monument, 2021

Stadtstranden- Urban Beaches

Urban Morphologies
Series of 14 video-drawings, 2021
C-Prints 40 x 60 cm

Urban Morphologies

Conzert installation, 2021
Composition: Katharina Rosenberger
Video: Betina Kuntzsch

Halmaspiel – Chinese Checkers

Short Film AnimaDoc, 2017

Flower Study

Video-drawing, animation, 9 min. Loop