Animated Documentary

Diary quotations and the dance of lines, newspaper images in macro view, superimpositions of historical photos, infographics and drawings, growing crystals, burning pixels. Montage of quotations, sound documents, foreign and close sounds. Combining media archaeology with computer animation.

Stories from everyday life and biographies of outsiders. Betina Kuntzsch’s animated documentaries are short film concentrates that open up associative spaces.

Loïe Fuller – The Electric Sprite

Short film Animadok, 16 min., 2022

Thinking from the pedestal

Five plinth benches made of red concrete, 10 short films, perspectives on the Thälmann Monument, 2021

Halmaspiel – Chinese Checkers

Short Film AnimaDoc, 2017

Snow Dust

Short film, animated found footage, 7 min.

Wegzaubern – Spirit Away

Animated documentary, Animated Found Footage, 7 min.